Can't send or receive MMS

  1. Make sure you’re using the latest version of the mysms app for Android phone.
  2. If you’re using Android 5.x or later, please try to deactivate the option „Use new MMS Android API“ in the mysms settings (Sidebar – Send & Receive – MMS message). Then please check if further MMS options work for you (e.g. send MMS via WIFI).
  3. Please try if MMS are working, when you’re not connected to WIFI, but your regular data connection.
  4. Please fill in your APN settings (Android 4.4.4 or lower) in the mysms settings on your phone (Sidebar - Send & Receive - MMS message - Manual APN configuration)
    You can find your APN settings in your Android settings (Settings - Wireless & Network - Mobile Networks - Access Point Names) or by searching the net (*Your network operator* *your phone* *MMS APN settings*).We noticed that Textra could also interfere the functionality of MMS. If you use mysms as your default SMS app, please make sure that the option "Auto-retrieve" (under Sidebar - Send & Recieve - Auto-retrieve) is activated or uninstall Textra.
Unfortunately, in some countries and for some mobile operators it's not possible to send and receive MMS. Anyway, if you checked the points mentioned above and if it still doesn’t work, please enable the debug mode in the mysms expert settings, try again to send/download an MMS and email us the debug file.

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